Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I know I've been quiet...

Busy with paying work and all in the run up to Xmas…

But three postings on piqued my interest this morning.

The first two are by Jon Skeet, and cover what Iterators are, and how to use them to auto-generate state machines. Really interesting stuff as it gives a great deep-dive into the IL code that’s being generated and what that can mean in terms of the code that actually gets executed.

The third post is by Mark Smith, and provides a good worked examination of the how to create extensible applications with the Managed Add-In Framework. Not to be confused with the Managed Extensibility Framework, which is more about dynamic composition, this is a well-structured mechanism for handling plug-ins. Another one for me to get my head around, I guess.

This evening tho’, I’m off to the screenedit session at the Circle in Manchester for UX themed sessions sponsored by Microsoft. See you there.


Iterators, Part 1:

Iterators, part 2:


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