Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NuGet.PackageNPublish - The Roadmap

To date, development progress on NuGet.PackageNPublish has been pretty erratic. Fundamentally, this is due to it being my pet project, and changes / fixes / enhancements have only been forthcoming when and if I personally need them.

As we approach 13,000 downloads of the tooling (thanks, all), I figure I ought to have come up with some kind of roadmap - so here are my thoughts


This will bring the tooling up to date and use v0.8.0.2 of the NuGet.PackageNPublish nuget package, fixing the following issues:

I'm basically there with v0.8 - just final tidy ups and the release note to do - tho' I've been promising that release for a good month now - sorry.


This is the time to shake things up a bit - specifically, I planning on dropping support for the VS2010-flavour VSIX build project, replacing it with a VS2013-flavour one. This will mean that the tooling can only be build on VS2013 and above, but I don't think that's too much of a step forward.

Also, I have a mad plan to add two new project templates to the tooling:

  • Octopus Deploy Package
    This project template is basically the equivalent functionality to adding OctoPack to a web project, but broken out into it's own packaging project.

  • Octopus Deploy Azure PackageThis project template is what I demonstrated (manually) at DDD East Anglia and DDD North 2013 this year - a packaging project that's designed to take the output from an Azure cloud project and package it for OctopusDeploy.


This is the big one - I plan on finally fixing the single most troublesome issue with NuGet.PackageNPublish:

With that fixed, I'm of the opinion that the tooling would at last be "feature complete" (hence the v1 release). 

So that's my plan... and I'm very much open to your comments on it, and on what the focus of the v2 stream should be!