Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm off to DDD - are you?

Well, they opened up registration this morning, and I had to jump on it fast to ensure I get a place… That’s done, so now I can safely blog about it!

Developer! Developer! Developer! is a UK development community event that’s hosted by Microsoft at their Reading campus. The next event – DDD7, is on Saturday 22nd November.

The agenda looks really good – especially Phil & Dave’s “ASP.Net 4.0 – Top Secret” session, but it looks like there’s something for everyone there. Other potential highlights (for me, at least), include Mike Hadlow’s “Using an Inversion of Control Container in a real world application” and “Toby Henderson’s “How to develop .Net on Linux using Ubuntu”.

They just need to set up the twitter feed, the facebook event and the backnetwork now!

Get in quick!

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