Friday, August 24, 2007

Mix:UK 07

Not really .Net related, but I have to admit to excitement at the prospect of going to Mix:UK 07 down in London in September.

Interestingly, the social networking aspect is already hotting up, with a Backnetwork set up and a Facebook event starting to draw in the attendees. Will I go as far as to import those attendee contact lists into my PDA to take? Well, knowing my inability to remember and match names to faces, it'd probably be a good thing to do.

Technically, I'm really going to be interested in the Silverlight tracks - right now I'm almost desparate for the Silverlight team to implement the basic forms controls (buttons, text boxes, etc). Whilst better control support is planned, it does seem to be a very large omission from the 1.1Alpha release.

Of course, there have already been some community projects to rectify that deficiency, as well as commercial offerings, but how compatible would these be with Microsoft's own library, and how much effort would it be to back-migrate from a 3rd part library after the fact?

Anyway, roll on Mix and I'll see you in London!