Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Tip: Rooted Views

In this VSJ article, Neal Ford highlights some quick tips and tricks for increasing your productivity.

One of the more interesting ones was that of improving your “focus” as a developer by using a feature of Windows Explorer that I’d never heard of – rooted views. All you need to do is start Windows Explorer with a couple of extra parameters, and the tree-view will appear to be rooted wherever you specify. So rooting your explorer view to the root of your projects’ source code will focus your attention on the files you should be working on rather than all the other guff in your computer.

Here’s how – just run (start->run)

explorer /e,/root,c:\myprojects\project1\source

which will give you an explorer folder rooted at the source folder for your project.

You can also create a shortcut (right-click on the desktop and select new->shortcut) with the above command as the target – put this shortcut on your start menu, desktop, dock, etc for fast focused access to your project folder.

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