Monday, December 22, 2008

Silverlight controls coming of age...

For me, Silverlight has never been about rich media, so much as rich applications. So the announcement and release of Silverlight 2 was a turning point. Prior to that, Silverlight had effectively no controls – meaning no useful controls for building line of business applications.

Today though, I came across a nice posting (in Italian) by Pietro Brambati that pointed to samples pages for both the intrinsic Silverlight 2.0 controls, and for the Silverlight Control Toolkit.

I love these kinds of mini-sites – they demonstrate the controls so much better than a textual description can, and handily give you a test harness as well. We use a “sample” ourselves when developing custom controls.

Italian introduction :

Silverlight 2.0 Controls Sample :

Silverlight Control Toolkit Sample :

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