Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You can't stop the light (redux).

Loads more Silverlight goodness today too.

Robin MestrĂ© has posted no less than four three-part series on why Developers, Designers , Marketing types and Application Architects should look at Silverlight. The posts are very much brochure-style, but they do give an excellent overview of the capabilities of the Silverlight platform – plenty of pictures to help you sell the technology to your managers.

Shawn Burke notes the release of Silverlight 2, but more interestingly give a teaser as to the state of play with the Silverlight Toolkit – due for a first preview release at PDC. The screenshot shows just how cool these controls are going to be.

On the WPF SDK Blog, Jim Galasyn points to the revised Silverlight 2 documentation now available on MSDN.

Finally, Scott Morrison has posted about what I think is one of the most exciting controls released as part of Silverlight 2 RTW – the DataGrid. This control will be making a number of 3rd party control manufacturers sweat – it’s already VERY fully featured, as Scott#’s post shows. In a follow-up, he also shows how to use the Frozen Columns feature – damn handy.

Silverlight Toolkit:


DataGrid Features:

Frozen Columns:

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