Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You can't stop the light

(was "Busy day at Silverlight Central" - don't ask!)

Yep – today the Microsoft Blogosphere has been buzzing with the news that Silverlight 2.0 has Released to the Web (RTW). Congrats to the Silverlight team on that – I was expecting the release to be closer (if not DURING) the PDC.

Of course ScottGu is the authoritative source as always, but I lost count of the MSDN blog posts today that reposted the news - now all I’ve got to do is un-install the RC0 bits and install the RTW bits before I can compile up code that will be shippable. Well, it will probably be shippable as soon as the CUI and Controls teams update their control libraries!

Interestingly, Ronan Geraghty went in a slightly different direction – pointing to a set of Silverlight tooling for Eclipse. This is good, because it gives an alternative tooling for Silverlight, and one that’s in use by a load of Java developers out there. Whilst it’s Windows only at the moment, it’s roadmap does include support for “Other OS” – so it probably won’t be long before that same tooling will allow for Silverlight / Moonlight development on Linux. Good times!

Scott shows us the light: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2008/10/14/silverlight-2-released.aspx

Eclipsing the light: http://www.eclipse4sl.org/download/

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