Thursday, August 31, 2006

TFS and remote working

I've been using TFS at work for a few months now, and am pretty impressed with it.

My only real problem is with taking work home - at the moment it's a matter of copying via a memory stick, but that causes problems as VS relies on the readonly file state to determine whether a file has been changed.

This article by Martin Woodward details what will probably be the way forward for me - a VPN to home and a local TFS proxy - letting me keep my workstation and laptop in sync at home.

I'll probably have to use a virtual server instance tho', rather than having another server in the house.

For working disconnected on the laptop, Dave Glover gives the solution to preventing your copy of VS from connecting to TFS in this blog article. Unsurprisingly, it's a simple registry hack.

Deep Team Server joy will be mine! ;-)


Martin said...

Just to let you know, you can probably get by without the TFS proxy server. Just the VPN connection will do. There are ways of getting to your TFS instance over the internet without a VPN as well - but these are unsupported by Microsoft until SP1 of TFS ships (soon).

We use OpenVPN here at Teamprise which is great (and free). It is much more relaiable than some of the other commercial products I used in the past (such as Nortel Contivity VPN).

Good luck.


Joel Hammond-Turner said...

Update: In the end, we did exactly as Martin suggested - using our RSA VPN to effectively join the local network.

Of course, getting a reasonably spec'd work laptop on which to work also helped!