Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pushing the Octopus to Chester

Last night I was up in Chester presenting my "Introduction to OctopusDeploy" talk to the ChesterDevs group - my first real user group presentation (as opposed to DDD or in-work ones).

The audience was attentive, asked good questions and were enthusiastic about what OctopusDeploy could bring, so I think it went very well in spite of some technical issues - having to use my MiFi for internet connectivity wasn't ideal and meant I couldn't demonstrate a build pushing to MyGet. 

The post-event chat in the pub was excellent and engaging too - continuing the discussion of how good process can help with delivering better software.

All the resources for the talk, including the slide-deck, sample solution, etc can be found here:

I've got to than Fran Hoey for inviting me to talk - my company Landmark Information Group ( for letting me take a day out of the office to share our experiences, and to the ChesterDevs audience for their patience and enthusiasm.

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