Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday Quickie - Lightswitch Build Issues #2 - XAP Signing

Update: 2015-05-20 - No idea why I never published this Quickie! Three years is way too long for a blog post to languish in the Drafts folder!

So following on from my previous post, the next issue to resolve in TFS build for my Lightswitch app was a XAP signing error.

Actually this is pretty easy to solve - but with one little wrinkle.

The problem I was having was that after publishing my Lightswitch application I was unable to save away the .lsproj file - yet it was checked out, and not read-only. So what was happening?

I found this post which hits the nail on the head - the .lsproj.user file is also being saved and that WASN'T being checked out when the build part of the publish process was running...

... so my settings for the signing certificate wasn't being saved...

... so TFS build was looking for the default certificate from my dev box...

... and so was failing XAP signing.

The solution - manually check out the .lsproj.user file before publishing.

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