Friday, July 02, 2010

What no posts?

I've been guilty of lapsing on my blogging before, but six full months without a Nugget is probably a personal record.

This time, however, I've got an excuse. No, really! Corporate policy.

Much as I can see the need to restrict access to Facebook and YouTube in the corporate environment, I've been torn over just how much technical content I've been missing since Twitter was blocked along with the major blog engines.

The block serves it's purpose - as an employee, I'm not idly browsing blogs, and nor am I posting drivel throughout the day. But whilst there are ways around the restrictions (go-go-gadget iPhone!) the pain of having to forward links or full articles to myself via email means that in general I don't.

So until I find an efficient way of blogging can I humbly point you to Chris (@calcock) Alcock's "The Morning Brew" - essential reading every day.

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