Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mike Taulty gets to play with all the good stuff

I’ve been quietly following Mike Taulty’s posts on his experiments with the Live Framework SDK, and with creating a simplistic photo sharing application that supports online/offline working via Live Mesh.

Now he’s got to the point of starting to implement Mesh Object sharing, I’ve started to get really interested. This is the functionality that will raise an application way above its competitors.

Sure there will be plenty of issues regarding information governance (does a user have the legal right to share whatever they want), but for the kind of application I’ve got in mind those security issues can be baked into the application at the root level – for example by encrypting the data stored, by having a central mesh object that stores “access keys” to the data or some such – nothing that can’t be solved.

What this gives is a simple way for a user to work disconnected, to upload to a central store, and to share that work with their colleagues, who can also work disconnected.

This is hard to get your head around to start with but is seriously good stuff.

Part 1:

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Part 5:

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