Friday, September 26, 2008

Scott Guthrie - Does the man never sleep?!

Only a week ago, Scott was in the UK for ReMix UK ’08, but somehow he’s managed to slip something significant into his busy schedule:

Silverlight 2 Release Candidate 0

Yep – that’s right, RC0 is here! From his posting, there are a load of bug fixes, some breaking changes, 3 new controls and a whole new look-n-feel. Password boxes and Progress bars I can take or leave, but the ComboBox is the important one as far as getting Silverlight into enterprise applications.

There’s a slight gotcha (as well as the well documented breaking changes) in that you have to uninstall Blend 2.5 before you can install RC0 (and boy did THAT take a while) but the upgrade of Blend 2.0 to SP1 (preview) was seamless. Personally I think making Silverlight support available in Blend 2.0 was the right move – not everyone is willing to use Beta software in order to get the tooling.

Good stuff and well done to Scott & his team.

Silverlight goodness:

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