Saturday, September 16, 2006

Plip does it again!

Wednesday saw another well-organised, interesting and informative VBUG event - this one a "SPECIAL NON-MEMBER EVENT" entitled "Flirting with AJAX with Gary Rowntree".

The location was once again QA Training in Stockport - a great little venue apart from the very hard seats!

Gary did a great intro to ATLAS - Microsoft's AJAX technology libraries - easing those who'd not played with it before through the concepts and basic techniques whilst fielding deep technical questions from others in the audience. Finishing the session off by writing a simple chat application from scratch was a definite crowd pleaser.

It was nice to be able to chat to other developers and guage their experiences with the technology, and I think that the informality of these events is a definite positive.

Kudos to Phil Winstanley (plip) for organising another event - the prize draw was a nice surprise, even if I did win the CodeZone hat. Still, my 20 month old, Daniel, thinks it's great!

Now when's the next one?

Footnote: This was written using Windows Live Writer running on Vista RC1. I'm such a beta-whore! :-)

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